Factory «Start» – official Partner
International Committee of the pyramid,
Federation of billiard sports of Russia

On the table "Start" championship of the world, Europe and Russia.

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Корзина пустая


Fabrika "Start" - the largest Russian manufacturer of billiard tables and accessories.

The main office and manufacturing facility are located in Novosibirsk. The dealer network covers the whole of Russia and neighboring countries.

Production of Factory has long deserved recognition as professionals and fans of billiards. As experts for approbation tables involved leading athletes billiard, European and world champions. Largely thanks to the close cooperation with international manufacturers and renowned athletes, designers of the Fabrika "Start" managed to develop a unique production technology of billiard tables, accessories and components, which have no analogues in any of the billiard production.

The quality of the "Start"

The high quality of the products indicate certificates of the International Committee of the pyramid (ICP) and the Federation of billiard sports of Russia (FBSR)as well as numerous degrees from prestigious international exhibitions.

"Start" support Russian athletes and acts as a technical partner of FBSR, the ICP and the European Committee on "Pyramid" (ECP), providing pool tables for tournaments at various levels.

Namely on the table of Fbrika "Start" regularly hosts major tournaments and championships on Russian billiards. Among them are Russian championships 2008-2012., World Championships 2009,2012,2013 and 2014., European Cup - 2010 European Championships - 2012, "The Magnificent Eight" - 2010-2012. "Stars billiards" - 2010.

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